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Welcome to Total Health School of Nutrition, the correspondence school that combines the vegetarian lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

Get your diploma in Nutritional Consulting in 1 1/2 years, or less, and do it right in your own home!

This accredited school in Alberta, Canada offers a comprehensive program where you will learn how to help others live healthier lives through proper diet and lifestyle.

Specializing in Vegetarians.

Spend a little effort to have a lot of knowledge how the body works and how applying that knowledge can help you have a clearer mind.

We can help you get a solid education in nutrition.

  • Licensed school
  • Great faculty
  • Personal attention
  • In-depth information
  • Learn at home
  • Reasonably priced, under $3000* Canadian, includes text books
  • START at any time, START NOW!

This course will teach you about anatomy, digestion, preventive nutrition, pediatrics, natural remedies, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, depression, diabetes, and much more.

You will receive instruction on how to practice nutritional counseling and tips on how to apply what you have learned. This school is committed to helping you, even after you graduate and questions are answered with promptness and thought.

Listen to what others are saying about this course:

“I would recommend this course to individuals who are interested in the health message, and want to reach out and help people.  I have learnt so much by taking this course, it has enabled me to share information and support people who have health issues as well as questions regarding the connections between our physical and spiritual health and the food we eat.  The instructor was fabulous!”
Donna Legere
Quesnel, British Columbia


"Now it's been over 30 years since I graduated from Technical Engineering. Not to say I haven't been learning over that period of time, however this is putting my nose back into books that are not design engineering related. I will say that over the last 8 years, I have been paying very close attention to my diet. I've always been an exerciser through jogging, squash, hockey & baseball, but some health issues in my early 40's knocked at my bodies door and made me to start paying attention. My wife is an OR nurse and 35 years into her career got interested in taking care of our lifestyle, partly because my situation and for her own health also. For 8+ years she volunteered as a director for the CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) program. During that time she asked me for help with the audio/visual part of the program being I had some equipment and a little experience.
So that exposed me to the information being taught. Not just once but twice per year for at least 5 of those years. So I thoroughly went through the program many times.
As noted above, I was and am not involved in the medical or nutrition fields. I learned a little about cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels and also a little about saturated fats, omega 3's and, refined foods. When I learned of a course that was lifestyle focused, plant & Christian based and correspondence oriented, I decided I needed to find time to try to absorb what I could.

This course has given me a vehicle to enter the arena of information, and shown me how to find the answers to many of the problems every day people run into today. Living in a medical family, where my wife & her mother and our youngest son are registered nurses, her father, brother & our oldest son being medical doctors, along with other medical people in the family, I've heard many times that none of them were taught nutrition in medical training. Yet our family physicians & specialists are very good at diagnosing the ill, unfortunately they are mostly confined to prescribing us a pill because that's what they have been taught. Consequently leaving the root/cause of the problem untouched but just treating the symptom.

I have been enjoying this program immensely and I would recommend this hands on course to anyone who needs and wants help in taking control of their own health. It has shown me just how much effort it takes to achieve a level of knowledge compared to when I was in my teens and twenties. But I will make it through (Inorganic, Organic & Biochemistry) and the rest with God's help & I hope to use the information when completed as a

nutrition consultant where ever I can help make a difference as it has helped me.
In the next few years as I contemplate retiring from full time in my career position, I may do some consulting to this concrete industry I am employed in. That will give me time to look for involvement in nutrition consultation or employment."

Lloyd Steinke, AScT, CET
Langley, B.C.

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To educate individuals in the field of nutrition based on the most current information of facts from a Christian perspective.

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