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Meet the President:

darlene blaney photoDarlene is the “Educational Director” and
President of “Total Health School of
Nutrition”. For 20 years, Darlene has
enjoyed teaching and practicing healthful
cooking and living, and an author of four
vegan vegetarian cookbooks.

Darlene graduated with honors with the diploma in nutrition, and was accepted under the organization of “International Organization of Nutritional Consultants” as a Nutritional
Consulting Practitioner in August 1999. Darlene obtained
a Masters of Science in nutrition in 2005, and
completed her PhD in nutrition in 2010.  

Darlene has taught nutrition at a
Calgary Nutrition College since 2001. It
became Darlene’s mission to put together
a course that would present high quality,
fact based nutritional information from a
Christian perspective. She runs an active
nutritional consulting practice personally, as
well as through various corporations. Her
volunteer work also includes the field of
health such as the role of Director for the
CHIP” (Coronary Health Improvement Project)
program in Alberta.

Darlene P. Blaney, PhD, NCP



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